Thursday, January 22, 2009

Media News: Britney Spears vs. Parents Television Council

Below is the official 'radio friendly' version of 'If U Seek Amy'.

Irrational "Parents Television Councit" group wants to let the world know that Spear's new sing 'If U Seek Amy', is a crude lyrical trick that doesn't belong on the airwaves.

The song's description, 'If U Seek Amy,' is sung in such a way as to appear like an asinine imploration substitute for finding a girl. Well this is frankly what the angry parents believe. (LOSERS!)

"There is no misinterpreting the lyrics to this song, and it's certainly not about a girl named Amy," council President Tim Winter said of the third single from Spears' new album, "Circus."

Officials from Spears' label, Jive, could not be reached for comment.

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