Saturday, August 1, 2009


Oh nooooo NOT Queen Beyonce! I know this is another day of Beyonce Stans vs. Beyonce Haters. ROFL..I agree with statements made in both videos. I must say, they both made vital points about Beyonce. Leave Your Comments. How do you feel about all this rage?! LOL


  1. both of these ugly mofos needs to SHUP UP cuz they dont kno wat they're talkin about. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE TALKIN' ABOUT! Everyone keeps saying Beyonce said she wrote this and that when she NEVER DID say such things. Not one word came outta her mouth sayin "I'm Beyonce & I wrote Ego" or watever other song. People ASSUME things cuz she said "I write my own music: which she does. Music whether it's being lyrics, vocals, or the music notes...she does indeed contribute writing something. When you ASSUME things you make an ASS out of U..but not me lmao.

  2. Yeah, I understand what your saying Dimp. She does give her vital contributions to the music.

  3. yes she does, and people are attacking her as if she claims or said she's the only writer of the song. which she's not, other people get credit for their contributions in music, singing writing or watever it is. Callin Beyonce a thief, a liar, a copy cat and all this other stuff...when they fail to realize that all artist out there are doing the same thing beyonce is doing but arent getin recognized for it. since b is on top she's gonna be hated the most and put down by the worst.