Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lil Wayne Interview/ Upcoming Rock-N-Roll Album

Lil Wayne does an interview about being a father, his success, Borack Obama, and other topics. It was a really cool interview showing a down to earth/ humble side of rapper.

Lil' Wayne will not be rapping on his next album. It has been known that many rap artists transition from rapping to singing (recently Kanye West), Wayne's seventh studio album will be a Rock and Roll album, he says.

Words from Weezy himself:"This is going to be totally rock," Lil' Wayne responds during an interview with Julia Beverly from Ozone Magazine. Lil Wayne also stated that he doesn't have a title for the Rock-N-Roll project.

Lil Wayne dares to be different by challenging himself to step further out of his labeled genre of music. Wayne previously performed alongside Kid Rock and the Country Music Awards so anything is possible in 2009.

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